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We build luxury homes that are lavish with exquisite details and high-end features, but not with energy or waste. Our BuiltSmart approach to building luxury homes provides you with the highest levels of performance, comfort, energy efficiency and savings.

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Better Living Is Built In.

From the appliances and materials to our advanced construction methods, BuiltSmart provides you with a luxury home that will benefit your life for years to come.

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BuiltSmart provides benefits in four areas:
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Environment

ENERGY STAR® appliances in your new NVHomes home use up to 50% less water and electricity.


Our superior insulation and high-efficiency HVAC systems help maintain your home’s temperature.


Advanced construction methods and independent third-party inspections help ensure your home’s quality.


We follow green building practices and use environmentally-friendly materials in cabinetry, carpeting, siding, paints and landscaping.

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We’re actually helping to set the standard for energy-efficient windows. As a major homebuilder, we’re able to work directly with the window manufacturer to make improvements and achieve higher levels of efficiency.

— Jason Ott
Production Supervisor, NVHomes

The Home Energy Rating System.

To help illustrate how an NV home’s efficiency compares to standard new homes or resale homes, we use the Home Energy Rating System. It’s the homebuilding industry’s benchmark energy usage rating system, and it helps calculate energy savings.

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A standard new home is awarded a baseline rating of 100 on the HERS® Index. The lower the home’s rating, the more energy efficient it is. For example, an NV home with a 65 rating is 35% more efficient than a standard new home, and a resale home with a 130 rating is 30% less efficient than a standard new home.

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Use our HERS calculator to see your projected utility costs savings in a new NV home in your area.

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Making the Perfect Home

Commitment to excellence, attention to detail, innovative comfort and quality craftsmanship make the NVHomes home ownership experience second to none.