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    Luxury Homes in Arlington County, VA

    Nestled against the Capital Beltway, Arlington County is one of the nation's most affluent regions. With elegant design and spacious interiors, NVHomes provides a generous selection of single-family luxury homes in Arlington County, VA, in some of America's most sought-after neighborhoods.

    Economic Promise

    As the heart of America's defense and aerospace industry and home to major Fortune 500 players ranging from Lockheed Martin to Deloitte, Arlington County is one of the nation's most commercially successful.

    With the DC metro rail system extending into downtown Arlington, all our luxury homes in Arlington County, VA, lie within easy travel of Washington, DC, providing easy access to the region's various business districts, and have a special appeal for driven professionals.

    Rich Local History

    While contemporary Arlington County has gained notice for its prosperity and corporate culture, the area also contains pivotal sites in American history. Originally incorporated as part of the Colony of Virginia, Arlington is considered one of the major focal points of early colonial development during the antebellum period leading up to the Civil War. Today's Arlington as well as its surrounding counties still features preserved fortifications and barricades from the War Between the States.

    As one the major Arlington Country, VA, luxury homebuilders, much of our Arlington real estate is in close proximity to the region's myriad historical sites and monuments, including the Armed Forces Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery.